A Prayer for IF:Gathering

God, you’ve done it again. You’ve set the table, straightened the chairs, and bid us come. Plain is your beauty before us. We are utterly unworthy of this invitation, and yet here we see our names, and our seats, and our sisters. You’ve been expecting us. All of us, and each of us, and even…



I will always remember 2015 as the year of the horse. That died. Twice. Time of death? When God moved on. ** Of all the beautiful, challenging words spoken at IF:Gathering 2015 last February, these seven from Christine Caine settled heaviest on my heart: “Sweetheart, if the horse is dead…dismount.” She was preaching from Joshua…


A Holiday Book Brain Dump

I don’t know if this makes me crazy or smart, but one reason I read so many books is to make this very week of the year so much easier. I know which books I want to give people, I know which ones I want to ask for, and I know right where to look to hook my…



The sign is still lit up blue and yellow. I finally drove by it last night. Why doesn’t someone turn it off? Don’t they know this is where the waters rose and the walls gave way? I pray Landon won’t notice, But memory serves him and he turns his head. He doesn’t say a word,…

nancy house

Where I’m From

I wasn’t going to stop by, but on my way out of town I just sort of ended up there. I knew that if there was a Volvo backed into her long driveway, then she would be home. She’s owned one kind of Volvo or another for at least 30 years, probably more. I parked my…

good reads

Link Love (vol. 8)

During an interview at Verve Vegas a couple weeks ago, I was asked, “What are you reading right now?” My husband just shook his head like you have no idea people and I laughed because, well, this is what I was reading in September… God for the Rest of Us by Vince Antonucci Vince is the lead pastor at Verve Vegas, where my husband…


The Last Minute on Your Mat

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Tabata training. Three of you? Great. For the rest of you, the simple explanation is that Tabata intervals follow this structure: Push hard and do as many reps as you can for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat eight times. Scream obscenities in your head. In theory, it…


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