Violette Lane Elsa Dress Giveaway

Last week I introduced you to Violette Lane’s women’s line of boutique clothing and accessories, and today there’s more. More cute. More sweet. More to to love. (Plus a giveaway at the end!)

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Enter below for a chance to win a pillowcase Elsa Dress from Violette Lane. Summer may be over, but how great would it be to have this dress on hand as a gift for the Frozen-obsessed princess in your life? It’ll be the first thing she wears next summer!

las vegas childrens photographer_0028


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  • Elizabeth

    My sweet little princess would look adorable in that dress!!! And Selah is a natural!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! Yeah, Selah is totally ridiculous! I didn’t have to direct her at all. #scary

  • Kristen Lindstedt

    Such cute kids’ clothes! Love the accessories! And beautiful pics once again!

    • There’s a super cute pumpkin outfit for Joy (next year) that will be going on sale soon. 😉

  • Linnea

    OMG! Love the pictures and the clothes! The dress would definitely go to my oldest daughter Madeline

    • Maddie was so sweet to work with, Linnea! It was nice to meet you both. Thank you for bringing her!

      • Linnea

        Thank you so much! She was really taken with you. On the way home she said she wanted to be a photographer when she grew up just like you!

  • Stephanie Hyer

    These photos turned out so cute! Even little Emma’s! Beautiful job.

    • Thanks, Stephanie! I’m sorry Emma got so filthy! I will send you a link to Violet’s gallery once all the photos are all there so you can see a few more. 😉

      • Stephanie Hyer

        No worries. It’s a kid’s job to get dirty. 🙂 It all washes off. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!


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