Eyes Wide Open

I’m linking up with Casey Leigh today because I’ve got something on my heart that I need to say out loud before I pour myself a glass of I-made-it-to-Friday-night-wine and settle into a weekend that promises to look very much like you would expect: safe, predictable, and well-worn with just the right mix of sunshine…


2014 Summer Reading

Summer isn’t for stepping up, it’s for stepping back. It’s not about lead feet, it’s about bare feet, and we will spend our days learning to cease from all the striving.


Guest Blogging for Bo Stern

Hey Friends, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but my words are roaming about over on Bo Stern’s blog today. Bo. Stern. Iron Shoes Bo Stern. Beautiful Battlefields Bo Stern. Wildly spectacular human Bo Stern. Geesh.  A couple of weeks ago she asked me if I might want write for her. I said yes. And then…


Summer Reading Logs

I’m especially excited about this summer because two of our three kids are reading independently, making them the perfect age to participate in summer reading programs.


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