Church Planting



It’s time to roll out of Vegas. But before we do, there are some people to thank… To Duane. For suggesting something as audacious as church planting. To Mike. For showing us our first step. To Wayne. For asking if we ever thought about Las Vegas, for giving us our Jonah moment, and for being…


Phoenix Rising

When we closed Advance Church in August 2015, we knew the setback had the potential to be one of the greatest set ups of our lives; we just didn’t know for what. God had cards he wasn’t showing, and that was okay. This is Las Vegas, after all. Even so, there were days when it felt like he’d folded…


For You Are Good

We’re closing Advance Church tomorrow, so every time someone told me to have a good weekend yesterday, I was forced to stare that precarious word in the face and decide how I was going to feel about it. This post? It’s how I’ve decided feel about it. Not just this weekend, but this whole time….

Even This.

Even This.

For those of you who’ve asked how Ryan is doing, above is the message he gave this past Sunday and below is the letter he sent to Advance Church last week. I hope you can see clearly in both that Jesus’ anchor still very much holds. ** After much prayer and deliberation (with help from our denomination and the many members…


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