Redeeming Santa

Saint Nick was a wonderful man who loved and served Jesus faithfully. So, we gladly include him in our Christmas traditions to remind us of what it looks like for someone to live a life of devotion to Jesus as God. Our kids thank us for being both honest and fun, which we think is what Jesus wants.


Cereal Valentines

Last year, the Caped Cute-saders were nearly the end of me. This year, I decided to keep things cereal-sly simpler. For the record, I still can’t stand the month of February. Cereal-sly.    


Long December

I don’t know about you, but the song on repeat in my head this December is not Santa Baby or Joy to the World. No, this year I’ve been humming a lyric from an old Counting Crows song: “It’s been a long December…” Illness and tragedy and sadness have parked themselves in our neighborhood this…


The Caped Cute-Sader

I’ve always despised February. It’s so…pink. And the birthdays. Good gracious, the birthdays. And anniversaries. And proposals. I know like 20 wonderful people born or married or proposed to in February, many within days of each other. So let’s face it: before Facebook gave me an excuse to stop sending people cards in the actual…


2012: He Goes Before Us

We are home from a week away in Southern California, where we took a collective deep breath on sand and shore and secret paths that eventually led to the same place: 2012. The pause between calendar pages strengthened our family’s resolve to follow Jesus as unhesitatingly in 2012 as we tried to follow him in…


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