2015 Summer Reading List

No matter how strongly I deny it or wish it weren’t so, summer is still three fast weeks away [cries into hands]. I have no plan, I have no nanny, and I certainly don’t have the six figure income it takes to send three kids to camp simultaneously for even one week. I do, however, have books… READ ALOUDS  8…


Violette Lane Elsa Dress Giveaway

Last week I introduced you to Violette Lane’s women’s line of boutique clothing and accessories, and today there’s more. More cute. More sweet. More to to love. (Plus a giveaway at the end!) Giveway time! Enter below for a chance to win a pillowcase Elsa Dress from Violette Lane. Summer may be over, but how great would it be to…


2014 Summer Reading

Summer isn’t for stepping up, it’s for stepping back. It’s not about lead feet, it’s about bare feet, and we will spend our days learning to cease from all the striving.


Cereal Valentines

Last year, the Caped Cute-saders were nearly the end of me. This year, I decided to keep things cereal-sly simpler. For the record, I still can’t stand the month of February. Cereal-sly.    


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