"The establishment of your child’s trust in God begins with his trust in you, so mean what you say. Every time. There is power in that for you, security in that for your child, and peace in that for your home."

Kristen Lunceford


Redeeming Santa

Saint Nick was a wonderful man who loved and served Jesus faithfully. So, we gladly include him in our Christmas traditions to remind us of what it looks like for someone to live a life of devotion to Jesus as God. Our kids thank us for being both honest and fun, which we think is what Jesus wants.


Parks and Wreck

Andy Stanley once preached a message on how it’s far easier to make a point than it is to make a difference. That truth was obvious to me as I walked home shaking my head. Clearly I was trying to make a point with Landon. Evan, on the other hand, was trying to make a difference…and he did, for all of us.


Tips for New Parents

All right, so I have a little document on my hard drive called “Baby Advice” that I put together a few years ago. I dig it up and fire it off to my preggo friends when they ask me what I recommend they add to their baby registries. Since I know so many people right…


The Christmas Daddy Date

“She probably won’t remember the heart necklace I bought her for Christmas this past year when she’s 12…but I am guessing she will remember our Saturday morning trips to the Waffle House…and it is my prayer she will treasure those times deeply.” ~Perry Noble     Tonight was Ryan and Selah’s Christmas Daddy Date, and there…

"Boys want to conquer and subdue, and if the terrain before them is the back yard, then that is what they want to conquer. The point of discipline with boys is to channel and direct their energy into an obedient response to the cultural mandate. It is not to squash that energy, destroying it or making it sullen. Boys therefore should be in training to become men who exercise dominion, they should be learning to be lords in the earth, they should learn to be adventurous and visionary."

Douglas Wilson, Future Men


When Motherhood is Boring

“The task of parenting is simply impossible. Any sane look at what is required of parents by God is completely and utterly overwhelming. This is why the task must be undertaken in grace, by grace, through grace, and because of grace. The grace of God in this provides two things all parents need. The first…


Salt, Light, and Public School

“You are the salt of the earth…you are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”    ~Matthew 5:12-13 When our boys were babies we hung the letters “s-a-l-t” on Evan’s bedroom door (which eventually became Selah’s door) and “l-i-g-h-t” on Landon’s door as a visual reminder that it…


Obedient Children Are the Happiest Children

“The common but very bad habits of repeating commands and raising the voice not only exhaust the parent’s patience so that he then punishes in anger, but they also teach the child that he need not pay attention until he has heard the command many times, and heard it shouted. Examples are all around us…


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