Las Vegas Family Photography: The Christensens

I could’ve just as easily titled this post, “All Things New” because everything about the Christensen family’s life these days is fresh out of the wrapper. The air force dropped them in Las Vegas over the summer, and they were still unpacking when baby Jace arrived on the scene. I popped in on them over the weekend, and here’s a preview…


Las Vegas Wedding Photography: Shawn + Jackie

A flint of yellow light, take me in at night. I’ll be your sunflower. I want to be the company you keep.  I want to be the one you come to when you fall asleep. If there’s a place to grow in your heart, let me know. I’ll be your sunflower. [the weepies]  Sunflowers. Twice…


Las Vegas Family Photography: The Scott Cousins

If there’s anything I’ve learned about grandmothers since having my own children it’s this: On the rare occasion the stars align just right and all her children and grandchildren are in the same place at the same time, somebody better darn well have a camera. And a lasso. Lucky for Diane Scott, on Saturday I showed up with both. Here she…


Once in a Lifetime: Shawn + Jackie

He dropped the sunflowers off at my house the night before. I scattered them on the ground the next day–hands shaking, heart racing. I waited and paced and tried to figure out how I was going to hold it together. These things don’t happen twice, and the outrageous privilege of being there for this was not lost on…


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