Spaghetti Sauce (freeze half)
Lemon Pasta (make all at once)


Crock Pot Fajitas (wait to cook until the day you serve this)
Bean & Cheese Burritos (make the filling ahead and store)


Minestrone Soup
Portobello Mushroom & Almond Pesto Lasagna (assemble, bake the day of. Do not use all the almonds the recipe calls for or it’ll be too dry)

One Pot/Pan

Tex Mex Chili
Cheesy Chicken Wild Rice Casserole (assemble/bake or microwave later)

Crowd Pleasers

Sloppy Joes
Basil Spaghetti with Cheesy Broiled Tomatoes
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Strips (serve with yellow rice & sautéed green beans)
Perfect Pot Roast


6 Make-Ahead Breakfasts for Busy Families


My Life for Yours
Praise Her in the Gates
The Fringe Hours
Stretched Too Thin
The Nesting Place
Shopping for Time
Bread and Wine
The Simplified Life
Raising Godly Tomatoes
The Shaping of a Christian Family

“The Lord knows that we women can get distracted over preparing a nice meal, and we can sit down to a beautiful table with a bad attitude. This is not how it should be…Rather macaroni and cheese with joy than turkey dinner with tension and resentment.”

Nancy Wilson