If you are anything like me, you probably don’t have gobs of extra money lying around to purchase fun or pretty centerpieces for every possible occasion (and, besides, where would you store them all?). My guess is you also don’t have time to bust out your mad Martha Stewart centerpiece creating skills an hour before guests are due to arrive at your table. So next time you want to pretty up your table on a budget and in a pinch, grab a few wine glasses from your kitchen, flip them over, throw something fun underneath, and top them with those tea lights that have been cluttering the drawer you swear you are going to clean out someday.

I used some reindeer moss on Sunday to dress our table above, but most of the time I just throw candy (ex: red, silver, and pink Hersey Kisses for February) inside for our guests to nibble on after dinner. During the holidays it’s just as easy to borrow a handful of bulb ornaments from the Christmas tree and place them under the wine glasses with some pine needles (also courtesy of said tree).

Easy, right? Pretty, huh? Send me pictures of your handiwork the first time you try this out!


“The Bible teaches that hospitality is an important way to advance the work of the kingdom of God, so if we pray for God’s kingdom to come, we must be willing to open our doors.”

~Douglas Wilson