Many of you know that last month my family and I moved from the Twin Cities to Las Vegas to plant Advance Church. We've found, though, that most people cannot see–let alone grasp–the enormity of what what we are believing God is going to accomplish through us here. That is to be expected because, truthfully, what we see–what we know God is going to do–is terrifying…not to mention completely nuts. 

I tell people all the time, "We did not come here to mess around. We did not come here to gather a bunch of people who are already Christians, canvas a few neighbors with an ugly flyer, and sit around and 'play' church with a couple hundred people. No, no, NO. We came here to shake the very foundation of this city; to help thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of people know–for the first time–that Jesus lived the perfect life so that they don't have to; that Jesus loves and forgives them and has done for them what they can never do through any effort of their own: earn God's love. We didn't come here to start a church. We came here to unleash a radical move of God."

But no one else can see it. That's why today's "Love That" is meant to draw your attention to a 65-minute documentary about a church who, five years ago, saw what we see and did in Charlotte, NC what we believe God is going to do in Las Vegas, NV. 

This is How We Change the World is only available online this week, so watch it here as soon as you can. To preview it, check out this trailer:


 This film isn’t only about us and our story. It’s about what God stands ready to do for and through every person. Including you. As I said in Sun Stand Still, I believe our story hints at a God-sized transformation that is available to every follower of Christ. And every church.

What you’re not going to get is a formula. The five easy steps to church growth. The seven-point plan to changing the world. What you’re going to get is a story of how God has shaken a city. And through that story you’re going to see what God has always and will always use to change the world.

His favor. Sacrifice. Love. Hard work. Unity. Audacious faith. Risk.

And none of these are owned by us.

These elements can be a part of your life. Whether you’re a church planter or an entrepreneur. A retiree that just got finished or a college graduate that’s just getting started.

You can change the world.

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