This past Christmas my mom finally put an end to my incessant begging for the “Heart for Africa” necklace. It had been on my wish list since April 2009 when we traveled to Ethiopia to bring home our daughter, and I just never found a way to justify buying it for myself.

But you should find a way. Oh, totally.

I love that people love this necklace. When I wear it, people comment on it. And when people comment on it, I get to tell them all about Ethiopia, adoption, and the God who called our family to both. That is cool. Really cool. Every time.

Tracy is super cool, too. She started custom making the necklaces as a way to raise money for her daughter’s family when they were adopting, and she has since donated much of her shop’s profits to organizations like Children’s Hopechest, Water for Christmas, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, and 147 Million Orphans (to name a few). She has several variations of the Africa pendant that are equally fabulous, so check out her “Junkposse” store today!