The David Crowder Band has done it again; the guys have hijacked my computer mouse and lured it toward iTunes/Controls/Repeat/One.

It happened to me in college with All I Can Say. It happened to me before our wedding with Open Skies. It happened to me at the beginning of our adoption process with Remedy. It happened to me in Ethiopia with How He Loves.

And it’s happening to me again this week with Sometimes.



(You can listen to it here while you finish reading this post.)

Given the enormity of what we have gotten ourselves into (moving to Vegas to plant Advance Church), sometimes it feels like we are a stone that’s been hurled into the ocean…and sometimes that is so terrifyingly awesome that we can’t decide which emotion is stronger: fear or freedom. So sometimes I feel like we are living every lyric of this song, and sometimes I am sure other people are living these lyrics, too.

So this week’s “Love That” is a shout out to the precious handful of families—some of them future “Advancers,” others of them new friends from our church planting training in CA—who are midflight, bravely headed away from the shore. Sometimes, you guys, we just just need you to know: We get it. He’s worth it. Keep going. The water is deep, but it’s also warm…

Don’t be afraid / just set your sail / and risk the oceans, there’s only grace / let’s risk the ocean, yeah, there’s only grace