Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.  ~William Stafford

In my better moments, I’m a pretty cool mom. (For the sake of this post, we’ll ignore those other moments when I’m…um…totally lame). For example, every week I make sure our kids have a fresh basket of library books to devour, new documentaries to learn from, and silly music to sing along with. Truthfully, though, most of music I help them check out sends me reaching for the “fade to rear” control in my van before we are even out of the library parking lot. A person can only listen to so many Veggie Tales & Disney Jr. songs before she wants to hurl some tomatoes and lock Minnie in her overly-pink Boutique. You know it’s true. Don’t judge me.

That’s why it’s more than great when every once in a while a children’s album comes along that I willingly allow to serenade us from the van’s back and front speakers.

I love Sovereign Grace’s Walking with the Wise album because the songs are catchy, inspired by verses from the book of Proverbs, and completely fun to sing along to. I confess to listening to my favorite track off the album (“A Generous Heart”) even when the kids aren’t in the car (see, I told you I am equal parts lame).

Evan loves “W-I-S-D-O-M” and Landon’s favorite is “Where it All Begins.” I think Selah is partial to the slowest track of the bunch, a tune called “Who Can Say” because there are lots of opportunities in it for her to sing “Geeeesus.” 🙂

Because the kids and I love this album so much, I bought an extra copy to give away to one of you. To enter the drawing, please leave a comment here or on my Facebook telling me what your favorite book is for kids in the 10-and-under crowd. Please comment by this Friday and I’ll announce the winner this weekend!

Until then, enjoy these lyrics from Track 9: Lazy Bones

Inspired from Prov. 6:6-11; 16:3

Have you heard about Mr. Lazy Bones?
You can find him sleeping on his couch at home
When there’s work outside for him to do
He is working hard to find another excuse

Mr. Lazy Bones tells you he’s afraid
Never ever finishes the plans he’s made
When you want his help around the house
You can try to find him but he’s never around

Lazy Bones can help us see
What we never want to be
Doesn’t have a hope or a clue
When we work to please the Lord
God will make our plans secure
And He’ll be glorified in all we do

See the busy ants working all the time
No one has to tell them how to stay alive
Getting ready for winter days ahead
Gathering their food until the times comes to rest