“How are things going in Las Vegas?”

I’m glad you asked.

Advance Church…is picking up speed. We are pumped about how God is moving things along. Visit this post for an update.We’ve added several fantastic local folks to our launch team and are excited to start welcoming our Minnesota migrants (Leah and Alyana Lippert; Jon, Becky, Jackson, & Claire Wallerick; and Jordan, Kristen, and Fran Lindstedt) this summer. We are also hot on the trail for a facility to house our preview services this fall. We are also are counting the days until we can show you the new website Orange County’s PlainJoe Studios has cooked up for us. You can follow Advance on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay in the loop.

advance church community group

The kids…continue to inspire us with their resiliency. Landon has a couple weeks left
in kindergarten, where he has made friends and learned to read everything in sight. His enthusiasm for devouring Scripture has set an example for everyone in the house, and that is just so cool. Evan has been busy becoming a better swimmer, an avid Angry-Birds fan, and a follower of Jesus. We can’t wait to experience his take on kindergarten this fall. And Miss Selah. She has made great strides in the last month with her training (obedience and the like), for which I am very grateful. Her affinity for dress-up, princesses, and all three men in our house is adorable, and her giggle is hands-down the the best sound in our home. So is Vegas agreeing with them? Oh, yes, absolutely.

Kristen Lunceford Photography…is relaunching June 1. I am busy in the late-night hours re-branding and getting a new blog ready. I can’t wait to get things rolling again…West-Coast style! My first shoots will be June 9-11 in Phoenix, Arizona. Woot!

Travel plans for the summer…include Phoenix (June), Los Angeles (July), the Twin Cities (July), Santa Barbara (August), and maybe a few surprises.

And, finally…

I am turning 30 next Saturday…and I’m totally okay with it. Turns out I managed to cover a lot of figurative and literal ground in my twenties, so I’m ready to brave my thirties with just as much–and hopefully even a little more–intensity and faith. My heart is full at the thought of all I desire to experience in the next ten years. And if this decade is anything like the last, I’ll be in for more than a few surprises along the way. Let’s hope most of them are good, but for the ones that prove devastating or daunting, may I still find reasons to rejoice.