I know I’m about three weeks behind on blogging this, but I still thought it would be fun to share what our dinner table looked like for our first-day-of-school celebration. I wanted to pull off something special without spending a lot of money, so I scrounged up a few things we already had in our house (as per usual) and ended up with this (and, yeah, I turned apples into tea light holders)…

back to school dinner table

The brown, almost unrecognizable copy of Where the Sidewalk Ends hails from where I came from: the 1980s. It’s tattered from my elementary-age fingers, and I love how it (and my childhood copy of Charolette’s Web) added just the right amount of nostalgia to our table.

back to school dinner table 1

Just a couple weeks removed from my balloonalicious photoshoot in Corona, California, I thought, “Why not try to pull off a little {Bre} Style of my own?” So I stood on the table and hung balloons. (Selah did not know what to think of such blatant rule breaking and made sure to tell on me during dinner!) I also let the kids watch Bugs Bunny while I finished cooking to keep them out of my way  the pre-feast mood calm.

back to school dinner table 3

I topped it off with the boys’ favorite pasta dish and donuts for dessert…

back to school dinner table 5

“Even if it is a simple meal, it can be served festively when time is put into the way it looks, not just the way it tastes. Tablecloths, napkins, flowers, or candles all say, ‘This is going to be a wonderful time.'”

~Nancy Wilson, Praise Her In The Gates