Sometimes I force myself to do stupid things just to see if I can.

As a kid this meant sorting my Skittles into piles by color and seeing how many yellow ones I could call out as actually being red ones “trapped” inside yellow “bodies”…all without biting into them. My tween years are best remembered for my bad hair relentless attempts to consume as many Olive Garden breadsticks as I possibly could just to see if I could beat my record (which I believe topped out at 14 glorious breadsticks). In high school I used to stand in front of the microwave and see how many squats I could do before my Cup o Noodles finished steaming. At ASU I requlalry tried to bike from my dorm to Sun Angel Stadium before Sister Hazel sang through “Change Your Mind” on my Discman¬†(click here for a funny picture).

And don’t even get me started on how low I’ve allowed the gas tank to get in the rush name of “seeing if I can make it.”

Clearly I have issues, but that’s not the point of all of this. All I really want to do is welcome you to the latest random competition I’m having with myself:

Between now and Christmas Day, I will attempt to generate enough content to keep us all moving toward the new mercies waiting for us at the¬†mall manger. I’ll do it with photos. I’ll do it with words. And you better believe I’ll do it with links.

Will this be the first unstupid thing I’ve ever forced myself to do? Please pray that’s the case.

And then pass the Skittles.