As I was packing up Ryan and the kids to head to Utah on Friday for the last tournament of the spring season (I opted to stay home and, you know, drink wine and write blog posts in sweet silence), Ryan begged me to step away from the divided Ziploc containers I insist on putting our meals in any time we go anywhere.

“I don’t want to have to carry those around all weekend. Can you please use tin foil and baggies just this one time? Please. It’s only one time.”

Fine. But lunch today will be on your carbon footprint, man, not mine.

I have nothing against tinfoil. I just love my plastic containers more. Unless I’m packing fruit kabobs to take with us to the bleachers. Then tinfoil is king. But only then.

Fruit kabobs are fun and unfussy with the added bonus of making you feel creative even though all you really did was jam a sick through some fruit. Go with it. You’ll be glad you did. Just remember to make extras because people will ask you to share. When they do, be gracious, but tell them they have to return the tinfoil so you can use it again.  😉 ** Check back here next month for an awesome salad recipe I’m smitten for, and if you missed April’s Bean & Corn salad post, you can find it here.