For as good as I try to be about prepping bleachers meals so that they are ready to eat right out of our trusty 3-compartment Ziplock containers, I sometimes need a shortcut; a throw-and-go recipe that will allow me to quickly toss stuff in the cooler at home and save the actual meal assembly for when I am sitting at the fields.

This past weekend that meant Guacamole Tostadas.

Guacamole Tostadas

If we were eating these at home, I would be civilized and make fresh guacamole. I would also toast tortillas on the stove and probably add homemade salsa. But this particular Fan Fare creation is not about being civilized. It’s about cutting corners. You know, cheating.

Here’s how I save some time:

First, I buy ready-to-eat tostada shells and toss ‘em in the cooler with a container of pre-made guacamole from Costco or Target.

Boom. Done. 

Then, I chop up a head of lettuce into small pieces and put them in a two-compartment plastic container beside some shredded cheese.

If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll throw in some shredded chicken leftovers so that we can top the tostadas with a little protein. Last weekend we made Stay Fit Mom’s Whole Chicken for dinner, so I had leftovers on hand, but you can always bring the corner-cutting full circle by shredding up some pre-made rotisserie chicken from your grocery store deli.

Finally, don’t forget to pack a knife! 

Once you are comfy at the fields, spread the guac on the tostadas and add as many or as few of the toppings as you like. Then pass ‘em out and care NOT AT ALL when stuff spills a little on the ground.

easy guacamole tostadas

One last thing…

These are a bit challenging to assemble on really windy days, so if the forecast is calling for wind, you might want to make something else from one of the links below.

Otherwise, happy corner cutting!