Solidarity sounds like sirens.
At least it always has to me.
One by one, we choose, together, to become less.
Less important. Less harried. Less selfish. Less consumed.
By things that seemed important
Before the lights shone in our rearview.

We slow down. We pull over. We make way.
For panic to pass
And help to hurl toward need.
It’s lawful, yes, but sacred, too.
Mattering to people we’ll never know
Until, one day, we do.

We wait. We wonder. And then?
We wait some more.

Until, slowly, measuredly, we guide our wheels left,
Allowing each other time to find our way back
To where we were headed before the sirens forced these swerves.
Through our windshield, it doesn’t look like much.
But from where the stars are watching?
It shines.

Like love.