With each out-of-state move, every step of obedience–the discerning, the deciding, the doubling down–has gotten easier, save one. The uprooting has gotten harder, especially now that a double oven, mountain views and neighbors I’ve come to care about deeply are involved. Idolatry is a good shot. It nails me every time. The day the realtor shows up is the worst….


5 Things I Learned in 2014

Check. Check. Is this thing on? Oh, good. Hello. 🙂 I’m back from a bit of a blogging break and ready to ease into a new year of creating in this space with a short list of things I learned in 2014. Let see if I remember how to do this. Ahem… 1. Entertaining is fun when…

When Homemaking Feels Small

When Homemaking Feels Small

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve thought it as well. It’s lonely. It’s small. It’s not at all what you thought it would be.  Everything you do in a day unravels.  It comes undone.  What you did today will need to be done tomorrow and in much the same way. The fridge you stocked. The…


Our Family Rules

How. Great. Is. This? I came across it on Etsy last week and ordered it immediately from Alexander Creative. When it arrived on my doorstep yesterday, I dropped everything and went out to get a frame. The kids shared in my joy (Rule 3, baby!), and Evan has already said at least four times that the…


Love That…Paper Solution

I’m pretty sure the only thing I dislike more than Paper is voicemail…and maybe clowns. Yes, definitely clowns. Oh, and ice cream trucks. Gah. Anyway, I avoid Paper whenever possible. I can’t stand the piles he makes. I gave up scrapbooking when Mac boogied into my life and wooed me away from him. I have myself…


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