As you know from last year, my posture toward Valentine’s Day (and February in general) is mostly cynical and snarky, but I’m trying to have more fun with it for our kids’ sakes. This year, Selah and I gathered a bunch of goofy things from World Market and got the dinner table ready to rock before we picked the boys up from school…

valentines day table

valentines day celebration

As we headed out the door, Selah pointed at a Goody Pop (which tasted like cough syrup, btw) and said, “Oh, I wish I could have one of those beers so bad!”

valentines day dinner

valentines day fun

valentines day 2

valentines day 3

After dinner, we set the self-timer and donned the table decorations.

Why? Because Psalm 118:15 says that our “tents” should be noisy with rejoicing. Our homes should be characterized by much joy.

Even in February.

valentines day mustache

valentines day family photo