I’ve been singing Christmas songs all day because, you know, soon the bells will start. And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that I sing right within my heart.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, you guys! 

That and crazy, of course.

This week, as I wrapped my mind around the reality of our little church plant expanding to two services while we simultaneously herd three kids to three different classrooms and three different baseball fields, it became clear to me that I have got. to. get. my. ish. together. if we are going to get from Labor Day to real Christmas without any casualties. So I cooked like a crazed Food Network contestant, filled my freezer with meals (and cookie dough), and then begged Ryan to make all my fake Christmas wishes come true by helping me pull together this family command center…

family command center
Just to define reality for you here, the cute and orderly first day of school printables will soon be replaced with a cluttered mess of “sign this” and “send money in for that” scraps of multicolored font catastrophes. And our “junk table” will once again live up to its name. It looks that neat and tidy like once a week never.  But at least everything will have a place to live just inside our garage door and just off to the left of the real command center: our kitchen. Shoes go in the IKEA Stall cabinet, unless your name is Selah. In which case they go where ever I happen to need to place my bare feet.

back to school command center

Here’s what’s what:

Cork Board – Homegoods

Rug- Target

Hooks – Lowes

“Hard Things” Printable {Simply Fresh Designs}

First Day Of… Printables {Paper Coterie}

Weekly Calendar {See the link in this post}

Weekly Cleaning Schedule {Blooming Homestead}


Merry fake Christmas, everyone!

Let there be peace on Earth and goodwill to moms,