With each out-of-state move, every step of obedience–the discerning, the deciding, the doubling down–has gotten easier, save one. The uprooting has gotten harder, especially now that a double oven, mountain views and neighbors I’ve come to care about deeply are involved. Idolatry is a good shot. It nails me every time. The day the realtor shows up is the worst….


In the Follow Through

Every time I sit down to write out our adoption story for the brave families I see standing on the starting line of the process, I wimp out. I’m afraid our experience is no longer relevant to them and that nothing I write will stop their legs from shaking anyway, so why bother. I tell…


Our Selah is Four

On April 11, 2009, my husband and I arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to bring home our daughter, Selah, whose first birthday happened to be the same day. Malnourished and showing noticable signs of rickets, she could’ve easily been mistaken for a four-month old. She was unable to hold her own bottle, eat from a spoon,…


Doing it Scared

It doesn’t matter whether you are planting a church or trying to be consistent in attending one; waiting for a baby or cleaning up after one; preparing for marriage or working to save one; overcoming an addiction or helping a friend through one; putting down roots or digging them up…Obedience isn’t a lack of fear. It’s doing what God says, scared.


When December Sucks

“If you are sad this Christmas, it might be tempting to try to ignore the season altogether. But may I suggest instead that you do the opposite?  Move into the very center of it. Stand for a moment – not around a perfectly decked Christmas tree – but at the foot of the manger and…


We Could’ve Missed This

Every year when April 9-18 rolls around, our family pauses to remember the week Ryan and I spent in Ethiopia in 2009. We celebrate Selah’s birthday, we remember her Gotcha Day, we touch base with our travel group, and we once again subject our Facebook followers to the videos I made to document Selah’s adoption…


Love That…Necklace for a Need

This past Christmas my mom finally put an end to my incessant begging for the “Heart for Africa” necklace. It had been on my wish list since April 2009 when we traveled to Ethiopia to bring home our daughter, and I just never found a way to justify buying it for myself. But you should…


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